Casper Snapchat Apk [APP] v1.5.6.5 – Best Snapchat Alternative in 2017

Are you a Snapchat user that secretly hates its main no-save rule? Casper Snapchat Apk application, an alternative client, is there to make Snapchat perfect to use, and way more fun that it is intended to be.

casper snapchat apk

Developers of Snapchat intended it to be the messaging app that leaves no evidence, which is great for some embarrassing pictures, and moments that you are not so proud of. However, there are some priceless pictures or snaps that ought to be saved for eternity. But how can you save them without the sender knowing it?

Sure, you can make a screenshot of it, and save it to your gallery that way. What’s more, Snapchat will inform the sender that you did it. So there is not much opportunity to do it like ninjas do – quickly and without anyone knowing.

Casper Snapchat Apk Features

Save Snaps very easily with Casper.

This Casper snapchat app is quite user-friendly, and it will allow you save the interesting and priceless snaps directly into your gallery, so that you can check them again, laugh at again, or send them to someone else.

Save Snaps Anonymously with Casper Snapchat.

Do not worry, the sender will be unaware of this. Casper Snapchat APK does not inform the sender if you have saved or forwarded their snap.

Forward snaps very easily without even saving it.

To forward the snap, there is no need to save it to your mobile device first. With Casper, you can forward it as soon as you receive it. This way, you can share it with others, without having to keep that snap on your phone.

Send snaps to Snapchat friends with Casper.

Another amazing feature of Casper app is that it allows you to send snaps directly from your gallery. Perfect for situations when you have to wait for the right moment to send a picture via Snapchat, or if you were late to send the picture once you took it.

Edit pictures with thousands of Filters and Stickers.

You can also easily edit your pictures before you send them. This app has a number of stickers to choose from and enhance what is soon to be a snap. Apart from stickers, you can also choose a filter from a rich variety of filters that Casper offers.

Make Filters for Snaps as you wish.

If you cannot find the right filter, do not hesitate to create one yourself.  This application also has a built-in slide-filters that will enable you to make a right filter for each picture. Once you created it, load it in the media editor and use it on your picture.

 How to install Casper Snapchat APK

Casper Snapchat APK can’t be found on Google Play Store, so you will have to follow these steps in order to install it on your phone and optimize Snapchat.

  1. Download the Casper Snapchat APK file.
  2. Make sure that you check the box “Unknown Sources” under “Security” options.
  3. Locate the downloaded file. It should be in your “Download” folder. Once you find it, run the app to install it.
  4. Follow the instructions required for installing.
  5. When the installation process is finished, run the app.
  6. Log in with your official Snapchat information.

Enjoy all the options that Casper Snapchat APK offers, and use the Snapchat possibilities to the fullest!

Casper Snapchat APK Screenshots

casper snapchat apk screenshots

Framaroot V1.9.4 APK free Download 2016 – One Click root tool

Framaroot is a one-click rooting app for Android. It does not require a computer to root your phone. You just need to install the Frama root app in your mobile device and run it. Framaroot is best for older Android models which are often no longer supported by other modern rooting apps. The app is also very simple and very unlikely to brick your phone.

framaroot apk 2017

Features of Framaroot

  1. One click root directly from your phone.
  2. No need to connect your phone to a PC.
  3. Supports older devices for which it is hard to find other rooting apps.
  4. Clear interface with simple rooting process.
  5. Framaroot can unroot your phone in case you want to revoke root access.
  6. It is free and available as an APK file.

framaroot supersu

Download Frama Root Apk

The latest version of Framaroot is 1.9.3. It is not available in Google Play store. (Because, Google generally does not allow rooting apps to be listed in Play Store.) But you can download the APK file and install it manually in your device.

The Framaroot APK is slightly larger than 2MB. You can download Framaroot using this link in either a computer or directly in your phone. If you have downloaded Framaroot APK in your computer, just transfer the file to your phone.

Install the APK

To install Framaroot in your Android, the installation of unknown apps must be allowed first. To do so, go to your mobile’s Settings. Then, from there, go to Security. Under the section Device administrators, there is a checkbox titled Unknown sources. Check mark this box. You will see a warning message. Tap ok. After we complete the rooting process, you can disable this option again. But for now, to install Framaroot, this option must be enabled.

Next, tap on the Framaroot APK file in your phone. Accept all the conditions. Framaroot will be installed.

How to root?

framaroot download marshmallow

Rooting your phone using Framaroot is very easy. After you have installed Framaroot, find it in your app list and run it. If Framaroot says that it cannot root your phone, then you cannot root your device using this app. If Framaroot supports your phone, it will show you one or more exploit names that you can use to root. Framaroot uses Lord of the Ring character names as its exploit names. So you will see exploit names such as Gandalf, Faramir etc. Anyway, after you tap on the exploit name, there will be three options: SuperSu installation, Unrooting and Script execution. Select Install SuperSu.

Hopefully the process will be successful and you will see a message saying – Success and your phone will reboot. However, if Framaroot crashes instead, just restart the app and try again. After reboot open SuperSu (a new app that should be automatically installed in your phone during the process) and update the binaries.

Framaroot may also show messages such as Failed or Half-success. In this case you should try other exploits (if multiple exploits were shown to you at the start). If that still does not work, then your device is not supported by Framaroot.

The Unroot option is useful if you want to unroot your device after rooting using Framaroot. There is also another option named Execute Script. This is an advanced feature. Unless you are an expert in rooting niceties, do not use this option.


  1. You should always backup your phone’s important data before rooting your phone. So before your install Framaroot, make sure you have backed up your personal data.
  2. In some very rare cases, even after the Success message and reboot, you will see that SuperSu app was not installed. That means Framaroot will not work in your device.
  3. If you see an error message with number 10, install this version of Framaroot instead of the latest one.


Framaroot is a quick and easy app to root your old Android phones and also some newer ones. The app is developed by alephzain. Our site does not hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.


Z4root v1.3 [Latest] free download for all the Android devices – 2016

Rooting Android devices is a common practice now-a-days. Google’s Android is flexible and customizable to a certain degree but that is not enough for power users. By rooting your device you can take full control over every aspect of Android OS. There are several Android rooting apps in the internet. Here we are going to discuss about Z4Root APK. Z4Root APK is a simple yet powerful Android rooting app. It can root your Android device in just one tap. It is even possible to unroot your device if you choose to do so. However, this rooting tool is somewhat old and might not work on newer devices.


Remember that in general rooting your Android device voids its warranty. But as you can easily unroot using Z4Root, this won’t be an issue.

Features of Z4Root

  1. Z4 Root APK is an absolutely free rooting app.
  2. This app is very simple and lightweight.
  3. Z4 Root is very easy to use. Root your device in just one tap.
  4. Supports unrooting.
  5. It has temporary or permanent root mode.
  6. No data loss during the rooting process.

Download Z4Root APK

You can download Z4Root APK version 1.3.0 from this link:z4root downloadThe file size is just 1MB.

Installing and Rooting of Z4Root

You can install and root your device using Z4Root APK by following these simple steps:

  1.  Download Z4 Root APK from the link above and transfer the APK file to your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Security of your device and enable installing form Unknown sources by check marking the box.
  3. Now tap on Z4 Root APK to install the app. If any warning box comes choose Yes.
  4. After Z4 Root APK is installed you will see a Z4 icon in your app drawer or main screen. Tap on the icon to run the app.
  5. Z4 Root will show two rooting options: Temporary and Permanent. Tap on any one of these options to root. Temporary root means your device will remain rooted until you restart your device. Permanent root means your device will remain rooted even if you restart your phone. Remember, even after you have permanently rooted your device, you can still unroot it using the Z4 Root APK.
  6. It will take some time to complete rooting. So remember to keep your phone fully charged before starting the process.

Credits for Developing

Z4Root is developed by “z4ziggy” on XDA. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.