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Morpheus tv is an entertaining app to stream and to download movies. It delivers top-notch videos for free. The whole content consists of various kind of videos which belong to different categories. You will really love streaming and downloading videos via Morpheus tv. If you are a movie lover, you must have come across different kind of video downloading tools. Morpheus tv is an all in one application with all those packed features.

morpheus tv apk official

Morpeus TV APK Download

Step 01. First download Morpheus TV APK from the official website.

Step 02. Then enable “Unknown Sources” from the mobile settings.

Step 03. Now open the downloaded APK file from the notification bar or downloads folder.

Step 04. Click on the “Install” button below right corner.

Step 05. After few seconds installation will complete.

Step 06. Enjoy Morpheus TV!

What is Morpheus tv?

Morpheus tv is an Android application. It is one of the best video streaming applications to have an ultimate entertainment through video downloading and video streaming. Obviously, Morpheus tv is a Terrarium Tv killer app. The developer has not developed it with the intention of threatening Terrarium TV. but due to the impressive features on Morpheus tv, many movie lovers switch to this app from other video streaming apps. It is with some additional features than a usual video streaming application.

morpheus tv apk download

Morpheus TV APP Features

  • The content of the app includes different kind of movies and TV shows. The catalog is divided into different genres to make it easy to find required video streams super easily.
  • Morpheus tv is freely available to download and to use the app.
  • Updates constantly with newly aired video streams and newly released movies.
  • There is a user-friendly interface.
  • There are different options to customize the buffering of the app like Buffer for playback, min buffer size, max buffer size. Etc.
  • The subtitle support has been enhanced in Morpheus tv. You can modify the look of subtitles on movies by changing the text size, text color, etc.
  • Morpheus tv can automatically select the best suiting subtitles to each movie.
  • Subtitle support is available in many languages.
  • There are more than 20 providers to prepare the content with new videos. These providers always update the content with high definition resources.
  • If you want, you can limit the number of simultaneous video downloads for an efficient video downloading.
  • Ratings of each movie are given to get a rough idea of each video especially the movie.
  • Morpheus tv can optimize Fire TV and Fire Stick devices.
  • It is a lightweight app. So it costs a very little from the space of the device.
  • Supports the Chromecast integration. So you can watch videos on a larger screen  


Within a very short period of time, Morpheus tv has become very popular among most movie lovers. It has now become a trending video streaming app in the world. The reason for this is because of gifting of a lot of features for zero cost. I am quite sure that this is the video streaming app with the best content in the world. So we are thankful to the developers of Morpheus tv for developing such a great app for us. By the way, note that we are not responsible for any issue caused by Morpheus tv apk download. We do not hold the copyrights either.

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