Z4root v1.3 [Latest] free download for all the Android devices – 2016

Rooting Android devices is a common practice now-a-days. Google’s Android is flexible and customizable to a certain degree but that is not enough for power users. By rooting your device you can take full control over every aspect of Android OS. There are several Android rooting apps in the internet. Here we are going to discuss about Z4Root APK. Z4Root APK is a simple yet powerful Android rooting app. It can root your Android device in just one tap. It is even possible to unroot your device if you choose to do so. However, this rooting tool is somewhat old and might not work on newer devices.


Remember that in general rooting your Android device voids its warranty. But as you can easily unroot using Z4Root, this won’t be an issue.

Features of Z4Root

  1. Z4 Root APK is an absolutely free rooting app.
  2. This app is very simple and lightweight.
  3. Z4 Root is very easy to use. Root your device in just one tap.
  4. Supports unrooting.
  5. It has temporary or permanent root mode.
  6. No data loss during the rooting process.

Download Z4Root APK

You can download Z4Root APK version 1.3.0 from this link:z4root downloadThe file size is just 1MB.

Installing and Rooting of Z4Root

You can install and root your device using Z4Root APK by following these simple steps:

  1.  Download Z4 Root APK from the link above and transfer the APK file to your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Security of your device and enable installing form Unknown sources by check marking the box.
  3. Now tap on Z4 Root APK to install the app. If any warning box comes choose Yes.
  4. After Z4 Root APK is installed you will see a Z4 icon in your app drawer or main screen. Tap on the icon to run the app.
  5. Z4 Root will show two rooting options: Temporary and Permanent. Tap on any one of these options to root. Temporary root means your device will remain rooted until you restart your device. Permanent root means your device will remain rooted even if you restart your phone. Remember, even after you have permanently rooted your device, you can still unroot it using the Z4 Root APK.
  6. It will take some time to complete rooting. So remember to keep your phone fully charged before starting the process.

Credits for Developing

Z4Root is developed by “z4ziggy” on XDA. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.

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